ShipStik marine products - boat cleaning systems and boat docking aids.  The ShipStik can help you dock your boat alone or on a windy day and it doubles as a long handled brush for boat cleaning and washing
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An absolute boating necessity.

The ShipStik is the latest, most innovative patent pending product to storm the marine market. The ShipStik serves a dual purpose of assisting vessels in docking as well as acting as an all purpose ship handle and cleaning device.

The ShipStik's patent pending design takes the worry out of docking a boat! No need to let your nerves, weather, or elements ever interfere with docking your boat again. This versatile telescoping tube easily allows the user to place a mooring line over a piling, cleat, or mooring in an efficient, nearly error free, timely manner. The ShipStik allows a user to stay on the boat during the docking process, which greatly reduces the possibility of injuries resulting from jumping off the boat. Please see ShipStik directions on the right.

Docking alone? Let the ShipStik help you. The ShipStik is light and easy to tie up to the dock, without leaving your boat making it the ideal dock mate for the single handed captain.

The ShipStik is constructed with marine grade high quality, non corrosive materials including fiberglass tubing and stainless steel hardware. Our company is founded on the basis of supplying our customers with superior quality marine products at an affordable price.

It's easy, it's safe, it's simple, it's the ShipStik.

The ShipStik is an innovative boat cleaning product that also functions as a boat docking and mooring aid.
Having difficulty docking your boat?  The ShipStik is an innovative boat washing system and boat docking accessory

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